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Here's What Some Pip Club Members Are Saying:
“I look forward to the pip club because I usually make pips during each session. When I trade by myself I break even at best. I am becoming a better trader as I watch how trades are taken and managed.”

- J. H., United Kingdom
“The pip club gave me an opportunity to see LIVE trading - how and why a trade would be taken vs. skipping a trade. There are seasoned traders as well in the pip club. For a newbie trader, this is huge as it confirms and engrains how to trade for profits. Start off with the right materials and Follow
the experts! Priceless!”

- M. M., California
“Most of the time Kirk will answer questions at the end of the pip club sessions. This a big help to me since I am not sure of myself yet.”

- S. N., North Carolina
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What is the Pip Club?
The Pip Club is a trading room where a group of traders get together to discuss trades, strategies, tools, and trade live. Many traders attend, some call out trades and talk about news events and discuss a specific set of trading strategies. 

A lot of the traders just watch and follow the trades that are called out as they are learning to trade our system or just learning how to trade.

The main purpose of the Pip Club is to make pips. There is usually some instruction and a lot of fun.

When people get together and trade a common trading system and style it is much more enjoyable and the learning curve becomes much shorter as compared to trading alone.

Traders are reporting a range of pips made in the pip club from 10 to 100 pips in a two hour session. Some days the market has fantastic moves and others there are not as many pip available to get.
When is the Pip Club?
The Pip Club is held 3 days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:25 am Eastern (EST) and lasts for about two hours.

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The Benefits
Become a better trader faster...shorten the learning curve by seeing trading alongside others. It beats trading alone.

Get more trades brought to your attention as others call out trades so everyone can benefit.

Make trading more enjoyable by doing it with others.
Seriously, no obligations, and no credit card required.
More Testimonials:
“There are many traders that will give information about news items. This is a big help in understanding why the market makes some big moves”

- J. B., Texas
“It is late for me to attend the pip club but I make it as often as I can. I benefit every time”

- B. A., Australia
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The Pip Club
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